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Schiltz, Christoph B.

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1.  Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 10/05/2015

Cameron prepares EU catharsis

David Cameron's plans for an EU referendum are forcing the Europeans to conduct a long overdue debate on what direction the union should take, writes ... » more

2.  Die Welt - Germany | 20/03/2015

Only a quiet revolution can save Eurozone

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Thursday for a combination of solidarity on the part of the EU states and effort on Greece's part in ... » more

3.  Die Welt - Germany | 05/01/2015

Merkel's Grexit threat an avowal of failure

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes the EU could cope with Greece's exit because the monetary union is better equipped for such scenarios today than it ... » more

4.  Die Welt - Germany | 27/11/2014

Brussels rouses lethargic euro countries

Juncker's investment programme is the right measure for helping the crisis-ridden EU countries, the conservative daily Die Welt is convinced. But the paper still has ... » more

5.  Die Welt - Germany | 13/05/2014

EU like a headless chicken against Russia

Even though the EU has once again stepped up its sanctions against Russia, the Europeans are no more than onlookers, the conservative daily Die Welt ... » more

6.  Die Welt - Germany | 17/07/2013

This time Europe must stand firm

The Greek protests against job cuts in the public sector meet with little sympathy from the conservative daily Die Welt: "What are the 'public servants' ... » more

7.  Die Welt - Germany | 27/11/2008

Europe also works without a treaty

Europe can get by very well without a new treaty, writes the conservative paper Die Welt: "The Czech Constitutional Court judges' yes to the Treaty ... » more

8.  Die Welt - Germany | 24/10/2007

Is the European blue card on its way?

The newspaper's Brussels correspondent Christoph B. Schiltz sees the blue card as a "correct approach", but no more: "Will the European Commission's proposal, which unfortunately ... » more

9.  Die Welt - Germany | 18/01/2007

Merkel's path to a EU constitution

Christoph B. Schiltz considers it "likely that the EU constitution will be a losing issue for Angela Merkel. With her constitutional pathos and setting the ... » more

10.  Die Welt - Germany | 30/11/2006

A yellow card for Ankara

Christoph B. Schiltz is angry about the "European theatre" over Turkey, which turns the "high art of European diplomacy into a farce." He writes: "There ... » more


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