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Schillinger, Jakob

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 06/09/2007

The new Bohème and its sponsors

Jakob Schillinger describes how the so-called 'digital Bohème' has spawned a new group: the lifestyle producers. These people don't bother going to work any more, they just let the big companies sponsor their "lounging around in cafés". "For them, being unemployed no longer means having nothing to do. Michel enjoys feigning idleness, but in fact what he is describing is a full-time job. His gestures are a calculated display of self-realisation and self-determination. Because the lifestyle producers so perfectly embody today's individuality dogma, a 'secondary target group', the consumers, models itself on them. As everyday celebrities they embody the abstract need for self-realisation and place its fulfilment within reach."

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