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Schilling, Árpád

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Komment - Hungary | 04/05/2010

Hungary's theatre must mirror society once more

Theatre director Árpád Schilling reflects in the opinion portal on the role played by Hungarian theatre today: "The world of the theatre (which for me includes theatre managers, directors, critics and perhaps also actors) ... has committed a huge mistake. We have failed to come to terms with the social changes of the last 20 years. We have failed to use the theatre as a mirror. The theatre is a forum. ... A place where - ideally - audiences stand in for society as a whole and participate in dissecting the problems which directly affect their lives. ... If the theatre is a forum, it must confront us with ... our social existence. The theatre has become so important in people's lives because it has been unabashed in its portrayal of the problems of society. By that I mean that it has neither veiled nor distorted them. ... And that is exactly the role the theatre must once again adopt."

Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 31/12/2006

Árpád Schilling on Hungarians as a deep-sea fish

Theatre director Árpád Schilling mulls over his identity as an eastern European. "I never used to define myself as an eastern European. I thought people are basically the same everywhere: the most important difference between a young artist in the USA and myself was that he speaks English and I Hungarian. But of course that's not the case. And this understanding was rather a relief to me... I had to live for a year in France in order to grasp the fact that I am an eastern European. My best friends were Argentineans and Brazilians, who faced similar challenges with socialization in France. Since then, my eastern European awareness has grown stronger. It is good to have been born here. At home, there is always a kind of weepy melancholy over the constant struggle with an endless, opaque heap of problems. That gives us the feeling of being at home. Deep-sea fish die if they swim closer to the surface than they should. They need the pressure of the depths in order to live. And that's exactly how it is when I leave Hungary."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 06/04/2006

Arpad Schilling on political theatre

Young theatre director Arpad Schilling examines the role of political theatre in democracies. "Up to 1989, the situation was clear: theatre was aimed at either criticising the political system or entertainment. The resistance expressed on stage struck a chord with the public because it was aimed against a particular power of which they were all victims: the actors and the public alike. The theatres were full because actors put their whole hearts into their performances. The enemy was lying in wait outside. It was a joint battle; a joint theatrical experience... Today, we no longer have a common enemy. We are our own enemies. Politicians tell us that there are divides, different goals, common enemies, but two years after joining the EU any sensible person has realised that there are no alternatives in the fundamental issues. The only question is which demagogy will get you into power."

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