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Schiffer, Daniel Salvatore

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L'Obs - France | 19/08/2015

EU must rebuke Croatia for Cyrillic script ban

The Croatian city of Vukovar passed a by-law banning the Cyrillic script from public places by a slim majority on Monday. Roughly one-third of the city's inhabitants are Serbs. Philosopher and author Daniel Salvatore Schiffer calls on the European Union to take action against the decision in the centre-left news magazine L'Obs: "We are faced with an urgent, necessary and legitimate question, one which in view of the widespread ideological obscurantism is more topical than ever: when will the European Union, whose fundamental humanitarian ideals I continue to praise, finally publicly condemn Croatia's obsolete, inappropriate and excessive nationalism, as it rightly did with Serbia? ... The very significance of democracy - that is, with inalienable principles of freedom, justice and truth - is at stake. Let us hope Europe will not betray them. That would be a disgrace, first and foremost for the continent itself."

Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 15/04/2012

Hypocritical UN observer mission in Syria

The UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously passed a resolution to send unarmed observers to Syria to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire. This mission is nothing more than an alibi for the West, the left-liberal weekly Le Nouvel Observateur writes disparagingly: "Thirty miserable civilian observers, in anticipation of the arrival of a small contingent of 'blue helmets' - they too unarmed.  They are tasked with monitoring throughout the country the fragile ceasefire, established in line with the peace plan thought up by Kofi Annan, between a desperate population and a heavily armed army. ... More concerned than perplexed, we must ask the extremely serious question: just who is the butt of this revolting and hypocritical joke, the sole aim of which is apparently to serve as an alibi for washing clean the dirty hands - as Sartre put it in his eponymous play - of our most cowardly West?"

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