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Scheuer, Michael

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Die Zeit - Germany | 29/12/2005

Michael Scheuer on the CIA's Fight against Terror

"The CIA has the right to break any law apart from American law – as all secret services do, points out Michael Scheuer who, as chief of anti-terrorist operations under President Clinton, developed the system for kidnapping terrorist suspects. In an interview led by Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Scheuer explains that European criticism of this practice is "hypocritical" because most states had cooperated with the CIA. "My job was to protect American citizens by taking al-Qaeda people off the streets. The executive of our government must decide whether it regards this as hypocritical or not. This operation was immensely successful 90 percent of the time and a disaster only 10 percent of the time. Now everything's been made public. The Europeans will be much less cooperative because they fear that everything they do will be published in the 'Washington Post."

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