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Scheuer, Benoît

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 15/05/2006

The racist rhetoric of Vlaams Belang

Benoit Scheuer, a Belgian sociologist, tells Jean-Clause Matgen in an interview that it is likely that the rhetoric of the nationalist Flemish party, Vlaams Belang, drove Hans Van Themsche, a young Belgian, to shoot at two young women and a child in Anvers on May 11. "The 'ethnist' parties develop a sort of marketing based on fear and hatred. They are apologists for racial purity, even at the price of having to falsify and rewrite history. They excel at creating two antagonistic blocks with 'them' on one side, and 'us' on the other. For Vlaams Belang, 'them' refers to the francophones, foreigners, and democratic Flemish parties which, by agreeing to negotiate with the francophone enemy, are traitors to the Flemish nation. And 'us' refers to pure Flemish, victims of some kind of invasion. Victimisation is a propaganda instrument for parties or leaders of this variety."  

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