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Schauder, Andrea

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Kurier - Austria | 22/03/2006

Scepticism before the EU Spring Summit

Andreas Schauder notes that unless the EU summit brings results, Austria's EU presidency will not have achieved much: "Firstly, Europe still hasn't been able to accelerate its sluggish economic growth, and is actually falling further behind Asia and the US in the global race, instead of catching up with them. While Europe is very creative when it comes to formulating its goals, it's very slow to implement new measures...The vows to increase the security of energy supplies by promoting alternative sources of energy and competition are shown up as a farce when it comes to the nitty-gritty business of realising them. The European Union prefers protectionist strategies, as the steps being taken to prevent fusions in the energy sector prove. Regardless of the result of the summit, the internal discord is testimony to Europe's inability to reform. And this discord is increasingly evident between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe."

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