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Savukynas, Virginijus

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1.  Lrt - Lithuania | 17/12/2014

Islamophobia in Lithuania only helps the Kremlin

Lithuania's former defence minister Rasa Juknevičienė has posted a photo of a praying Muslim she took in a Washington airport on Facebook with the comment: ... » more

2.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 13/09/2011

Lithuanians see EU just as source of charity

Surveys show that the majority of Lithuanians are satisfied with their country's membership in the EU. For the daily Lietuvos Rytas that is not necessarily ... » more

3.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 15/06/2007

Lithuania's uncertain future regarding energy

Lithuania gets most of its electricity from the Ignalina nuclear power plan, which under an EU regulation is to be shut down in 2009. Virginijus ... » more

4.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 12/03/2007

Virginijus Savukynas on 17 years of Lithuanian independence

On March 11, 1990, the Lithuanian parliament declared the restoration of the country's independence, thus risking a confrontation with Moscow. Virginijus Savukynas examines what has ... » more

5.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 02/11/2006

Catholic Lithuanian

Virginijus Savukynas reflects on the Lithuanian identity. He says the stereotypical representative is a Lithuanian-speaking, white Catholic who goes around humming folk songs and can't ... » more

6.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 26/09/2006

The rivalry between Lithuanians and Latvians

Unlike the Estonians, the Lithuanians and the Latvians speak related languages and are the only descendants of the ancient Baltic people. But Virginijus Savukynas doubts ... » more

7.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 08/05/2006

Unknown Lithuania

Virginijus Savukynas assesses foreigners' knowledge of Lithuania two years after the country joined the EU. "When I ask foreigners what they know about Lithuania, at ... » more


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