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Šaunik, Tomaž

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 02/08/2013

Pope campaigns against criminal Church dealings

The two leading prelates of the Roman Catholic Church in Slovenia announced their resignation under pressure from Pope Francis on Wednesday. With this act they acknowledged their responsibility for a serious financial scandal in the archdiocese of Maribor, which has debts of around 800 million euros. Pope Francis has launched a battle against criminal Church dealings, the liberal daily Jutarnji List rejoices: "The resignation of the two arch-bishops exposes what the Catholic Church's strategy has been since the establishment of democracy and the free market - and not just in Slovenia. The Catholic Church wanted to get hold of the required sum of money through the financial markets to create parallel structures in society - in the social system, the education system, the healthcare system and the media. … The goal was obviously to secure enough money through financial investments to be independent from the 'godless state' and to evangelise the population. … The Pope has now clearly initiated a global campaign against such dealings."

Delo - Slovenia | 10/07/2008

Croatia's long path to EU membership

In a commentary for the Slovenian daily, Tomaž Šaunik, an expert on Slovenian-Croat relations, analyses the present state of affairs regarding Croatia's efforts to join the EU. "In 2004 things looked good for Croatia. ... Many perceived the rise to power of the resolute Ivo Sanaders as a breath of fresh air. ... But that was nothing compared to the prospect of EU membership, which Sanaders' government promised would be realised within a few years. A wave of optimism took hold of the public and support for EU membership climbed to what was probably a record level of 70 percent. But where is Croatia now? Certainly not in the EU, and from an objective point of view not even particularly close to the conclusion of its membership talks. ... With the exception of NATO membership, none of the most pressing problems were resolved within this period. ... Last month, support for membership was down to 30 percent. ... In addition to corruption, another serious hurdle blocking Croatia's path to the EU is the inability of its state institutions to implement change. Since it is in the EU's interest that Croatia becomes a member as soon as possible, Sanader is counting on the 'Bulgarian-Romanian effect: it is likely that the criteria for Croatia's accession will be relaxed for strategic reasons."

Delo - Slovenia | 02/08/2007

A solution for the Slovenian-Croatian border?

Slovenia has proposed the setting up of an international tribunal to resolve its continuing border disputes with Croatia. In view of upcoming political events - Slovenia's presidential elections in October and Croatia's parliamentary elections in November - Tomaz Saunik hopes an agreement will be reached, at least regarding a first step. "The proposal must be seen in the context of time and space: both countries will be busy with their political programmes until the end of next year. Then there are the obligations they have towards the EU: [in 2008] Slovenia will take over the EU presidency and Croatia is conducting accession talks with the EU that are also of interest to Slovenia. After all, this is about the integration of a region that is far from stable."

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