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Sasso, Cinzia

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La Repubblica - Italy | 26/09/2007

A shocking anti-anorexia campaign in Italy

The Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani has created, on request from a clothing company, a vast poster campaign against anorexia. An advertisement displaying the naked, bony body of a young woman has revived the debate on this subject in Italy. The journalist Cinzia Sasso reminds us that "5,000 new cases are identified each year. The victims are girls aged between 12 and 25 who want to be the best. According to experts this is an ethnic illness belonging to our rich, evolved, western world. ... Those who say our Miss Italy [elected last September 22nd] is too skinny and she shouldn't be allowed to go on the catwalk may be right. In France those against the displaying Toscani's provocative photos say that, no matter what the intention, a sick woman should not be exposed like this."

La Repubblica - Italy | 11/01/2006

Demonstrators to protest changes to abortion law

Thousands of women from across Italy are expected to converge on Milan on Saturday, January 14 - coming on foot or by bus, train or plane - to demonstrate against the proposed change to the abortion law and the fact that pro-life movements have been received by members of parliament. The journalist and writer Cinzia Sasso is incensed over the regression in the situation of women in her country: "At a moment when Spain is kicking off a campaign to encourage the sharing of household chores and Norway is requiring companies to make sure that at least 40% of their board of directors is comprised of women, in Italy the ecclesiastical hierarchy and the Catholic political powers are going on the offensive to raise doubts about a law that has been on the books since 1978."

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