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Sarzynski, Piotr

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Polityka - Poland | 26/09/2007

The subjectivity of contemporary Polish culture

Contemporary Polish culture is developing at a rapid pace, Piotr Sarzyński notes. "Many critics claim this is no longer simply a movement but a full-blown earthquake. The 1990s were dominated by so-called critical art. It was serious and raised fundamental questions about physical and cultural identification. The new century is dominated by a type of art that is no longer so serious, an art that flirts with pop culture and takes an interest in lifestyles and in the possibilities (and limitations) of consumerism. But above all it feeds on the personal experiences of the artist - his problems, his contradictions, his stress or happiness. Art looks at reality and either ridicules it or calmly records it, but it doesn't analyse it. Art has switched to making subjective observations rather than giving objective accounts."

Polityka - Poland | 08/08/2007

Misty art in Warsaw

By first placing an artificial palm tree at a crossroads and then creating an "oxygenator pond" at Grzybowski Square, artist Joanna Rajkowska is turning familiar sites in Warsaw into exotic places. With the aid of special devices, the pond releases air bubbles and puffs of mist into the atmosphere. Two civic action groups are now campaigning for the pond to remain where it is instead of being dismantled at the end of September, as planned. Piotr Sarzynski praises the project: "The significance of this work of art did not emerge at the moment of its completion but only in the course of its existence and interaction with its environment. Such works of art aid the creation of positive, spontaneous connections. The artist believes people isolate themselves in capsules in everyday life; that they barricade themselves off and are afraid of the unknown. With her projects she tries to break open these capsules."

Polityka - Poland | 04/07/2007

Artur Zmijewski's documenta exhibit as an instructive work on intolerance

"If prizes were awarded at the documenta exhibition, Zmijewski would be my favourite," writes Piotr Sarzynski about Polish artist Artur Zmijewski and his 15-minute video "Oni" (Them). Four very different groups were involved in the workshop project: a group of female Radio Maryja listeners, members of the far-right All-Polish Youth group, members of a left-wing organisation and a group of young Polish Jews. Sarzynski describes the project: "Each group is given the task of creating something that expresses their ideological orientation. The older ladies paint a church, the members of the All-Polish Youth draw the sword of the Polish kings with a national flag, the Jews a card with 'Poland' written on it in Hebrew, the leftists the word 'Freedom'... The initial atmosphere of tolerance becomes increasingly aggressive. The participants start cutting up each other's T-shirts and end up setting the 'works of the enemy' on fire... The final scene shows an image of destruction in the aftermath of the meeting. This is a very suggestive piece of work."

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