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Sarkozy, Nicolas

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El País - Spain | 01/04/2009

Nicolas Sarkozy on the crisis of the economic and financial system

With the global financial summit about to begin in London, French President Nicolas Sarkozy analyses the crisis of the financial and economic system in the Spanish daily El País: "The world expects us to accelerate the reform of the international financial system. The world expects us to join forces to construct a new form of capitalism that is better regulated, more ethical and more compassionate. This is the prerequisite for reactivating [the economy] and sustainable growth. For this is not a crisis of capitalism. On the contrary, it is a crisis of a system that abandoned the fundamental values of capitalism. It is the crisis of a system that drove the financial players to carelessly expose themselves to ever greater risks. This enabled banks to speculate instead of financing the development of the economy, which is their real task. And finally it is the crisis of a system that allowed so many players and so many financial centres to escape any form of control."

Le Figaro - France | 17/08/2008

The shortcomings of EU institutions

In a guest article for Le Figaro newspaper, French President and current EU Council President Nicolas Sarkozy defends the peace plan negotiated for the Caucasus conflict, and criticises the shortcomings of EU institutions in dealing with such international crises. "This plan has not solved all the problems. ... But it has concluded a ceasefire between the two countries. ... If the Treaty of Lisbon were in force, the European Union would have institutions capable of dealing with an international crisis. ... This reconfirms my conviction that Europe's most important mission is to protect the Europeans."

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