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Sardar, Ziauddin

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New Statesman - United Kingdom | 11/12/2006

Ziauddin Sardar criticizes British literary neoconservatives

"Novelists are no longer just novelists - they are also global pundits shaping our opinions on everything from art, life and politics to civilisation as we know it", writes Ziauddin Sardar, a British author born in Pakistan. "The British literary landscape is dominated by three writers: Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie and Ian McEwan. All three have considered the central dilemma of our time: terror. ... They are the vanguard of British literary neoconservatives, or, if you like, the 'Blitcons'.The Blitcon project is based on three one- dimensional conceits. The first is the absolute supremacy of American culture. ... The second Blitcon conceit is that Islam is the greatest threat to this idea of civilisation. ... The third Blitcon conceit is that American ideas of freedom and democracy are not only right, but should be imposed on the rest of the world".

The Irish Times - Ireland | 13/06/2006

Sardar seeks 'Mutually Assured Diversity' in globalized world

On the eve of the Dublin Writers Festival, Muslim writer Ziauddin Sardar talks to correspondent Arminta Wallace about his idea of 'Mutually Assured Diversity' in a multicultural globalized world. "In the kind of world we live in, there's nobody who doesn't have multiple selves. And globalization has enhanced this. Whatever happens around the world, we are aware of it almost instantaneously now - so we are becoming more and more conscious of these multiple selves. I have multiple identities. I'm British, I'm Pakistani, I'm a Muslim, I'm a writer, I'm a father. And each identity has rich overtones. ... It's everybody's responsibility, and everybody's challenge, to move away from monolithic views towards this idea of mutually assured diversity. This is where, I think, writers and authors could present different communities in a different way."

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