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Sapir, Jacques

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Le Soir - Belgium | 06/06/2006

Jacques Sapir on European liberalism

The French economist Jacques Sapir, author of 'The End of Euroliberalism', explains in an interview with Dominique Berns why Europe should return to some kind of protectionism. "The EU could only serve as a bulwark against globalisation if it dispensed with the notion of being a liberal Europe, if it reintroduced protectionist measures and placed renewed emphasis on public works, etc. ... Within the European Union we have countries whose economic, political and demographic size varies widely. ... Many people in the Commission admit today to having opted for liberalism, for the 'all market' choice because liberal Europe constitutes the lowest common denominator. The market, assumed to be an automatic mechanism, is a void. And precisely because it is a void, it does not stress those problems posed by the power balance; it excludes political questions."

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