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Santoro, Michele

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La Stampa - Italy | 09/10/2007

Prodi and Berlusconi display same attitude to the media

In an interview with Riccardo Barenghi, the left-leaning Italian journalist Michele Santoro, who comperes a controversial programme on a public TV channel, says that he thinks "Prodi and Berlusconi are the same when it comes to the media. The only difference between them is that in his time Berlusconi had my show stopped. ... I am now back on air and this time it is Prodi who cannot tolerate freedom of information. ... He attacked my show, describing it as 'non-professionnal', while admitting that he had not seen it. I think that such an attitude is very serious coming from the prime minister. ... We are up to our necks in what I call the sickness of the democratic system. Politicians on the right and on the left cannot come to terms with the idea of a free media that acts as a counterweight to political power."

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