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Sankowski, Robert

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 09/05/2007

Farewell to the audio cassette

Yesterday, Britain's largest electronics chain, "Currys," announced that it would remove audio cassettes from its inventory. Robert Sankowski remembers the role that tapes played in the Polish youth culture under communism: "Two decades ago, audio cassettes were a real treasure. High-quality original cassettes could only be found in Peweks shops [which sold luxury items for foreign currency]. In normal music shops, you would be lucky to get tapes from the GDR or some of ours from Gorzow. But the simplest thing to do was to go to book shops and buy cassettes of fairytales or folk music groups like Slask or Mazowsze. I would erase them and record entire albums on them. Sometimes from friends, sometimes off the radio, which at that time was a kind of official music pirate and played entire albums... I will miss that feeling you get when you press the 'record' and 'play' buttons together."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 27/02/2007

Political hip hop from Poland

"There haven't been albums as political as this in Polish pop since the 1980s," the reviewer writes praising the latest CDs of rapper O.S.T.R. and the band "Masala Soundsystem". "Polish theatre has become politicised, the fine arts have become politicised; sooner or later Polish music was bound to react to the polarisation of society and the radicalisation of public discussion. But no one expected the lyrics to be this harsh." Sankowski points out that the politically active musicians of the 1980s also used the language of politicians for their own purposes. Now "Masala Soundsystem" is using the slogans and terms of the day. In the song "Citizens of the Fourth World" O.S.T.R. raps: "You like the taste of the Fourth Republic / For me it stinks of the People's Republic".

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