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Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio

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Libération - France | 04/01/2007

The uncertain future of the ETA

The Spanish sociologist Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca analyses in an interview with François Musseau the future of the Basque Separatist movement after the bomb attack on Madrid's airport on December 30th. "What is most likely is that there are two opposed camps within the ETA, the radicals and the moderates. The moderates wanted to pursue the peace process, but the radicals have won the battle in this debate judging that the Madrid government did not involve itself sufficiently. ... I think that a big sector of the ETA is fully aware that armed struggle leads nowhere. The fact that they killed no-one between May 2003 and December 2006 cannot be interpreted in any other way. In addition, Batasuna, its political wing, has banked on political means. In the current state of affairs an extended campaign of lethal attacks, as practiced in the past, is unimaginable. What we are seeing today is the last convulsions of an organisation refusing to disappear, though it knows that its days are numbered."

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