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Salvati, Michele

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 21/11/2011

Indignants help Conservatives to win

The Spanish Socialists suffered massive losses in the parliamentary elections, obtaining just 29 percent of the vote. The movement of the Indignant also played a part in the Socialist debacle, writes the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera: "Inexperience, the tendency to improvise and Zapatero's U-turn on tackling the crisis explain the negative judgement pronounced by many Spaniards who didn't belong to the Indignant movement against his rule. But it's obvious that the centre-left governments are no longer under threat just from the traditional parties of the far left who foster the rules of democracy, but also from movements that don't respect these rules any more or exploit them opportunistically. ... They wield their power by abstaining from voting. The Indignant sent a clear message to the ruling Socialists: If you carry on like this we will ensure your defeat."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 22/08/2007

Michele Salvati calls for more civil responsibility in Italy

The Italian professor of political economy Michele Salvati considers that "Italy is a rich country and has its place among other western countries, but it has always suffered from a distinct lack of civil culture. ... Nowadays, not only do moralising thinkers regret this absence of civil sensitivity, but so too do economists and sociologists, who have discovered that an adequate 'social capital' is a powerful motor for development. Indeed, the sense of civil responsibility, faith in institutions and the capacity to cooperate honestly are indispensable. ... The programme of a genuine political class should have as a priority the resolution of this 'old Italian problem'. .. We therefore need zero tolerance of illegal behaviour. .. With time and rigorous policy, the behaviour of Italians can be changed and the sense of civil responsibility and legality will become an intrinsic part of our mentalities."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 25/10/2006

Prodi obtains an agreement on retirement reforms

In the aim of reducing the considerable deficit in the Italian budget, the Prodi government is planning the reform of complementary retirements in 2007. After an agreement struck on October 23rd between trade unions and employers, Italian workers will be given the possibility of transferring their pension dues to a public organism. The Italian economist Michel Salvati considers that the reform lacks clarity. "The easiest part of the task consists of clearing away incongruities from the finance law. What is most difficult is getting a clear idea in discussions with unions of the government's position on pensions and public employment ... What we need in order to change political judgement on this finance law and this government is an act of courage: at least a document specifying the objectives that this 'concerting' government intends to pursue".

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 21/03/2006

Class struggle no longer exists

While attending a conference of Italian business leaders on Saturday, March 18, Berlusconi acted sincerely surprised, and scandalised, by the fact that Italian bosses could vote for the left. Economist Michele Salvati analyses the reasons for the head of government's anger. "Centre-left and centre-right are today two political containers with a close resemblance to American democratic and republican parties ... To be sure, the centre-left expresses its concern about poverty and has a propensity to spend public money while the centre-right displays a certain distrust towards State intervention and relies on traditional values: God, Fatherland, Family ... In the presence of two different orientations - but both moderate - neither the boss nor the worker need feel threatened in their vital interests: the class struggle is dead and buried."

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