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Salmon, Christian

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MediaPart - France | 03/08/2015

Christian Salmon on the EU's monstrous transformation

In the course of the Greek crisis the EU has transformed into a dictatorial monster, criticises author Christian Salmon in the centre-left online paper Mediapart: "The European construct, which for years has wrapped itself in its peaceful objectives, postwar 'humanism' and the values of freedom and democracy, has behaved throughout the Greek crisis like a blind, freedom-hating monster, driven by a lust for irrational, self-destructive power. Far from their democratic descriptions the institutions of the European Union have shown themselves to be 'dictatorial'. The European construct, which hitherto seemed toothless and immature, can only be regarded as aggressive and hegemonial. It is not Greece that has been humiliated but the idea of a mutually supportive and democratic Europe. That the European Union treats its member states as an empire would a subjugated vassal state, is no longer a secret."

Libération - France | 05/05/2006

Peter Handke stirs controversy

The French writer Christian Salmon, founder of the International Parliament of Writers (a Brussels-based organisation), publishes an open letter to Marcel Bozonnet. "You have just decided to cancel Peter Handke's play 'Voyage to the Sonorous Land or the Art of Asking', which was due to be staged in early 2007 by Bruno Bayen. This decision is surprising coming from you who opened the doors of your theatre to living literature; to dissident, minority, and occasionally even forbidden voices. ... By banning Peter Handke, you are not simply making a disputable decision, you are surrendering on the essential: the theatre's 'raison d'être' is to make openings in the surrounding silence, to create spaces of listening and resonance. We need to hear Peter Handke's voice, it is part of our common culture. You do not have a right to ban it."  

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