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Salleo, Ferdinando

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La Repubblica - Italy | 14/08/2007

European construction is a match with three players

The Italian diplomat Ferdinando Salleo ponders the project of a mini treaty intended to replace the Rome Treaty. "We owe the institutional compromise found in Brussels to the entente between Germany, France and England ... . As far as the contents is concerned, there is a balance of different attitudes towards the EU: integrationist, sovereign and minimalist." Salleo considers that in the economic or commercial domain, "Europe remains a recipient for diverse and divergent orientations that will be difficult to combine... . Even in foreign policy the gap between the three countries is far from harmless in terms of conceptions of strategy and traditional alliances. The danger is obvious: an 'executive board of contradictions' could become a 'Chamber of compensations' for specific interests ... at the expense of a common project carrying an economic force and western, democratic and humanist values."

La Repubblica - Italy | 03/07/2006

A seat for the EU at the UN Security council ?

In 1993, Italy proposed that the European Union should be given a permanent seat at the United Nations Security council. Ferdinondo Salleo, ex Italian ambassador to Washington picks up this idea again, and pleads for the heads of the EU to make the case in New York. "The idea the EU, the day that it finds its veritable political identity, could sit next to the US. China and Russia, was certainly a noble vision, born out of confidence in its future... This Italian proposition re-launches a highly significant political discussion for Europe in terms debate of the future of the institution. It would be an important diplomatic task, only a few months away from the upcoming elections of the United Nations supreme organ."

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