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Saleh, Fakhri

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 19/01/2006

Politicising Genocide

Over the past few weeks, the Iranian president has publicly expressed his doubts about the Holocaust. There are many who harbour such doubts in the Arab world, literary critic Fakhri Saleh writes. Most Arab revisionists had adopted the theories "of Western authors like Roger Garaudy, David Irving and Robert Faurisson, however there are also Arab historians who are doing their own work in the field of Western Holocaust research... Admittedly, even an impartial observer can't simply dismiss the connections between the suffering of the Palestinians and the widespread, virtually reflex-like denial of the Holocaust in the Arab world. The Arabs, and with them the Palestinians, should not close their eyes to the annihilation of the Jews. And it's certainly possible that a permanent peaceful solution, the withdrawal from occupied areas in Jordan and the creation of a viable Palestinian state could bring about a marked change in the way Arab politicians, intellectuals and the media regard the Holocaust."

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