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Salamon, Jasna Kontler

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Delo - Slovenia | 20/05/2010

Slovenian job market discriminates against students

Slovenian university students demonstrated on Wednesday in Ljubljana against planned job market reforms. The protests degenerated into riots and stones were hurled at parliament. The daily Delo looks at the reasons behind the protest: "The fact is that our policy of student jobs is unjust. The students have hitherto either not wanted to face up to this fact, or they were unable to see the situation for what it was. Students continue to feel the negative effects of government policy long after they've graduated. Typically there has never been a protest on the part of university graduates, despite the fact that they find themselves unemployed in their late 20s. Officially they haven't worked a single day in their lives, even though they may have worked for as much as ten years (during their studies). Instead of hiring them, employers prefers to hire cheap students in their place. ... The current government has promised to provide social coverage for all students. The question is whether it will get the chance to do so."

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