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Sala, Xavier Bru de

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 06/03/2006

Europe under pressure of economic patriotism

The writer and journalist Xavier Bru de Sala analyses the consequences of the patriotic attitude of certain European countries. "If the states do not succeed in the end in braking this tendency towards consolidation, then the immense groups born of these mergers will be dealing with Brussels - a much more important step forward than the half-forgotten and forgettable European constitution. It is strange to observe that the only viable method for braking this consolidation would be a non-aggression pact. ... But rather than organising this kind of defence, with the marching order to 'Keep still!', the states encourage their own enterprises to go on the attack even as they protect them against outside aggressors. This is a true imbroglio whose most incredible and unpleasant episodes are most likely yet to come."  

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