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Safarikova, Katerina

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Sme - Slovakia | 27/09/2007

Will the Slovakian Social Democrats remain isolated?

On October 4, the Party of European Socialists (PES) will decide whether Slovakia's largest governing party, Smer, led by Prime Minister Robert Fico, will be allowed to resume its membership. Smer was suspended from the party in 2006 for forming a coalition with the ultra-right Slovak National Party SNS. According to Katerina Safarikova, Smer's worries are not over yet owing to tense relations between Slovakia and Hungary, which further deteriorated as a result of Slovakia's parliamentary decision to uphold the Beneš decrees. "Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány doesn't want the PES to give Fico the green light under these circumstances. It's possible he will pull strings to ensure that Smer remains suspended. The Hungarian MEPs have also had the situation of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia put on the agenda of the European Parliament's human rights committee. This debate will be held immediately prior to the decision about Smer's membership."

Sme - Slovakia | 18/04/2007

Sexy Brussels

Whether it's Bono, George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Robin Gibb or Arnold Schwarzenegger, the impetus celebrities are giving the European Union is at long last making it "sexy", according to Katerina Safarikova. "The commitment of these stars to trendy issues such as climate change or aid for Africa boosts their popularity, but it's also helping the EU. A press conference given by Barroso and Bono has a greater effect on the hearts of sceptic Europeans than a thousand information campaigns. Barosso knows this and that's why he teams up with Bono."

Sme - Slovakia | 04/04/2007

A flat tax for the Czech Republic

The Czech government yesterday presented a new programme for economic reform, the core of which is a flat income tax rate of 15 percent. Katerina Safarikova points out that in 2004, French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy harshly criticised a similar fiscal policy in Sloviakia and called for "tax-dumping countries" to be shut off from EU funding. "However, these words were not translated into action. The new members of the EU have secured their EU subsidies for the next seven years. Their fiscal policies won't change that, and that's how it should be. Low taxes are healthy and get economies back on their legs much quicker than checks from Brussels do."

Sme - Slovakia | 13/10/2006

Sanctions for the Slovak ruling party

"Slovakia's ruling party Smer has lost its status as a member of the Party of European Socialists for at least ten months," Brussels correspondent Katerina Safarikova reports. The Slovak party is being punished for forming a government coalition with the far-right National Party. "This is the heaviest sanction foreseen in the European Socialists' statute. It's the first time the sanction has been imposed in the fourteen years since the founding of the European party alliance. Nor have the European Christian Democrats or Liberals suspended a party's membership up to now. At the end of the ten months, Smer will only be reinstated as a member if it has terminated its cooperation with the right-wing extremists."

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