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Sabuschko, Oksana

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Die Welt - Germany | 16/01/2008

Oksana Zabuzhko on sex and national history

"Field Studies of Ukrainian Sex," an internationally successful novel by Ukrainian author Oksana Zabuzhko, has become a kind of Bible of the women's movement in her homeland. Zabuzhko explains her book's success in an interview with Werner Bloch: "The fate of the nation, national identity, the past – all these lofty themes were translated into the language of the female body. It was a kind of love story of our national history. ... For a writer, sex is a fabulous laboratory. The heroes are naked – physically, spiritually and psychologically. And yet most authors fail ... Kundera, however, only has to put someone in bed, and we can peel away all the person's layers like an onion. I love it. But Kundera does get on my nerves because he is so macho. I wanted to create a kind of female counterpart to him."

Die Welt - Germany | 10/04/2007

Oksana Sabuschko on the parody of a revolution

Ukrainian author Oksana Sabuschko describes the demonstrations by imported "Blues" on Kiev's Independence Square as a "third-rate simulation" of the Orange Revolution led by their opponents in 2004: "The saddest sight is when the 'blue' politicians [the supporters of pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich] talk to the people from the stage. The answer is a confused silence. This silent square - above, the stage with the loud speakers; below, the silent masses - is such a glaring metaphor for the relations between the Soviet rulers and the Soviet people that you would think it was a grotesque event or an avant-garde film called 'Goodbye, Lenin 2'. The politicians of the blue camp actually appear to believe they can stage a counter-revolution to that which took place in 2004 with a load of extras carted in from the provinces. Their conviction that those in power (i.e. money) are capable of anything forms the basis of their view of the world - it is their substitute religion. Apparently they think this is how the revolution worked. Now they're trying to copy it and don't understand why it's turning into such a pathetic farce."

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