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Sabatier, Patrick

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Libération - France | 11/01/2006

The EU faces Iran's nuclear ambitions

"The planned return to the negotiating table of the EU 'troika' and Iran on January 18 has been more than compromised by Tehran's decision to resume its nuclear activities," observes Patrick Sabatier. "The regime of the mullahs has opted for escalation, via baby steps, and while maintaining an aura of mystery regarding the ultimate objective of its gambit. (...) Iran has the right to develop a nuclear programme as a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty, a right that it intends to assert. But the real problem is that, aside from its aggressivity, Iran kept the Natanz facility and the truth about its activities a secret before being caught with its hand in the nuclear cookie jar. (...) The mullahs will continue scheming in order to get closer to a nuclear weapon for as long as they do not have to fear provoking a confrontation."

Libération - France | 22/12/2005

Homosexual unions stir debate

"The fact that one of the queerest and most eccentric stars of the musical scene has donned the ceremonial suit and tie of a young groom to take his vows with his partner, before celebrating their union with pomp in his manor house, should no more surprise us than shock us," according to the editorial writer Patrick Sabatier. "The follies of Sir Elton are emblematic of the 'Britattitude'. It has always been able to make eccentricity one of the pillars of the kingdom's identity." For the journalist, "Elton John's marriage is testament to the fact that homosexuals' right to live their lives as others do has become a commonplace of democratic societies. It forces us to ask ourselves why France, which gave the impression of being such a pioneer in this area, today seems to be at an impasse in its rejection of gay marriage."  

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