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Sabaliauskaite, Kristina

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 07/05/2008

A Lithuanian called Lee

Many Lithuanians have left the country to work in the UK and an increasing number of them are giving their children who are born abroad English names. Now the Lithuanian embassy in London has started an initiative to save Lithuanian first names. Kristina Sabaliauskaite thinks this is an unnecessary move: "The prettiest names of the day are written on large banners in the embassy. This is no doubt a way to attract the attention of parents who are giving their babies such foreign-sounding names as Shakira, Lee or Brittany - names which do not sound pleasant to Lithuanian ears. But you cannot forbid people from giving their children foreign names. And if it was not such a serious matter it would be funny."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 04/04/2008

Is Vilnius no longer the "Jerusalem of the North"?

Kristina Sabaliauskaite expresses her dismay that the Catholic Church in Lithuania isn't protesting more vehemently against anti-Semitic slogans and skinhead rallies in Vilnius. "Vilnius was always a model of tolerance, a city where people were not discriminated against because of their nationality or religion. For hundreds of years Vilnius' Catholic bishops called the city the 'Jerusalem of the North', not only because of its large Jewish community but also because of the peaceful coexistence of many different religious communities there. They didn't permit persecution. Can this be said of today's church authorities, who attempt to influence life in Lithuanian society in areas like family planning and abortion but remain silent when skinheads march past the cathedral?"

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