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Sá Lopes, Ana

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i - Portugal | 25/11/2015

Portugal's PM will stick to austerity policy

Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva on Thursday warned the new socialist government against relaxing fiscal policy too much. As the new cabinet was sworn in the head of state pledged to do everything in his power to guarantee that the country doesn't budge from the course of budget consolidation agreed with the EU. The austerity policy will continue under the new government, the centre-left daily i believes: "The whole world is living in uncertain times, our economy remains weak and is therefore very vulnerable to external shocks. Portugal is subject to the EU budget agreement. There will be no 'end to the austerity policy' simply because the 'European obligations' Prime Minister António Costa undertook to fulfil forbid it. For that reason it's also hard to gauge how long the agreement with the Left Bloc (BE) and the Communist Party (PCP) will last."

i - Portugal | 03/06/2015

Portugal should keep fingers crossed for Greece

A Grexit would be bad news for Portugal, warns the centre-left daily i: "For the government a Grexit would prove that it was right with 'its' and all Europe's motto that 'There are no alternatives'. For the Socialists who promise a break with the current austerity policy it would be a major setback. But regardless which of the two discourses a Grexit would favour, it would have enormous consequences for Portugal and expose the country's vulnerability. If the Pandora's box is opened it is likely that the yields on Portuguese government bonds will spiral. ... So Portugal should keep its fingers crossed for Greece - which however isn't happening. One can understand why the centre-right parties aren't doing just that, but as regards the Socialists it's less understandable."

i - Portugal | 16/11/2012

No one can escape the recession now

Soon France and Germany, too, will find themselves in the dark valley of recession, and then it won't be long before all Europe falls apart, the liberal daily i predicts: "Perhaps the figures published by Eurostat yesterday will finally quash the optimism of the naive who still believe in the wisdom of current EU policy. ... The Eurozone has officially slid into a recession. One reason for this is the negative performance of its erstwhile fourth- and third-largest economies, Spain and Italy. Then there's the contribution of a country that likes to describe the South as lazy: Holland. In the first quarter of 2013 Germany and France will join the general depression. No longer is only the South affected - the entire EU motor has been hit with full force. Europe is history as a region of economic success and prosperity. Soon the day will come when it has to declare bankruptcy and divide the leftovers among its members, who will blame each other for the pitiful state of affairs. The dysfunctional euro has become useless. ... Keeping it will mean that soon the whole bubble will burst."

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 19/01/2007

Should the Portuguese adjudicate abortion?

The chronicler Ana Sa Loppes regrets that the question of legalising abortion is to be the object of a new referendum in Portugal on February 11th. "The strength of the 'no' campaign [opposed to abortion] lies in its emotional ferocity, founded on questions of faith. They are of course respectable, but inexplicable in the light of the penal law that strives to govern the problems of mankind and those of any God. By surrendering the revision of penal law to popular vote, the legislator has decided to submit it to faith and emotions. It is now easy to see the reasons for the victory of the 'no' vote eight years ago in a referendum where over half of the electorate saw no reason to participate in the vote."

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