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Rushdie, Salman

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1.  Libération - France | 27/06/2011

UN must resolve against Syria

Syrian security forces on the weekend shot and killed several participants in a funeral procession for murdered protesters. The resolutions submitted to the UN Security ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 04/05/2011

Salman Rushdie demands explanation from Pakistan

Osama bin Laden was killed in a luxurious residence in Pakistan, where he had apparently been living for a considerable amount of time. The Indian-British ... » more

3.  Die Welt - Germany | 10/10/2007

Salman Rushdie and Sam Harris demand personal protection for Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In an article written for Global Viewpoint, Salman Rushdie and Sam Harris berate the Netherlands for its unwillingness to continue covering the costs of personal ... » more

4.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 21/12/2006

Salman Rushdie stresses the meaning of words

"Reality cannot simply be reduced to a mere binary 'clash of civilisations'", remarks the British writer Salman Rushdie in an interview with Gilles Anquetil and ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 01/12/2006

Salman Rushdie is counting on women to reform Islam

In an interview given to the Italian cultural magazine 'MicroMega' and duplicated in the daily, Salman Rushdie, the British writer of Indian origin, shares his ... » more

6.  Der Spiegel - Germany | 28/08/2006

Salman Rushdie on the different types of terrorism

In an interview with Erich Follath, Salman Rushdie discusses what makes people turn to terrorism. According to Rushdie, social discrimination is not a major motivation. ... » more

7.  Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | 01/03/2006

Twelve intellectuals opposed to 'Islamic totalitarianism'

The Danish daily at the origin of the controversy over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons has decided to reprint the "Manifesto against Islamic totalitarianism" published by ... » more

8.  Die Zeit - Germany | 12/01/2006

CIA Activities in Europe

In an article written for the New York Times Syndicate and printed by the newspaper, author Salman Rushdie describes "extraordinary rendition" – the practice of ... » more

9.  Libération - France | 20/12/2005

Beyond multiculturalism

Multiculturalism has always been an embattled idea but the battle has grown fiercer of late," observes the writer Salman Rushdie. "And, yes, as a result, ... » more


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