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Rousselot, Fabrice

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1.  Libération - France | 18/03/2014

Sarkozy again at the centre of bugging affair

New recordings of conversations incriminating French President Nicolas Sarkozy have come to light. He is said to have tried to influence judges who were investigating ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 14/02/2014

Traditional journalism Libé's strong point

The majority shareholders of the crisis-ridden left-liberal daily Libération have presented a new financing model in which not the paper edition but digital content and ... » more

3.  Libération - France | 11/12/2013

France's difficult mission in Central Africa

France's President François Hollande visited the Central African Republic's capital Bangui on Tuesday to honour two French soldiers killed in the country. The left-liberal daily ... » more

4.  Libération - France | 23/10/2013

French UMP drifts to the far right

Immediately after the debate over the deportation of secondary school student Leonarda, the president of the conservative UMP, Jean-François Copé, announced on Tuesday that his ... » more

5.  Libération - France | 16/09/2013

Hollande doesn't convince sceptics

In a televised interview aired on Sunday evening, French President François Hollande spoke out on the developments in Syria and the economic situation in France. ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 25/07/2013

Cycling must clean up its act or die

Just a few days after the end of the Tour de France 2013 the French Senate on Wednesday presented an investigative report on doping practices ... » more

7.  Libération - France | 28/06/2013

End of the TGV dream

According to a report put out on Thursday, the French railway company SNCF wants to postpone the construction of new routes for its high-speed train, ... » more

8.  Libération - France | 26/06/2013

Zero tolerance for France's far right

A debate has been raging in France since Tuesday over the footage filmed by surveillance cameras of part of the confrontation between the left-wing activist ... » more

9.  Libération - France | 14/06/2013

No place for right-wing extremists in France

France's Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault wants to ban the right-wing extremist organisations Jeunesses nationalistes révolutionnaires and Troisième Voie by decree. The five suspects arraigned for ... » more

10.  Libération - France | 09/05/2013

How the conference can work

Although the UN has gathered eye-witness accounts pointing to the use of nerve gas in Syria, the West is still reluctant to intervene. At least ... » more


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