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Rosa, Isaac

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1. - Spain | 11/01/2016

Princess Cristina sponging her way to acquittal

At the start of the trial of the Noos case on Monday not only Princess Cristina's defence lawyer but also the public prosecutors and the ... » more

2. - Spain | 27/11/2015

Syria operation won't solve real problems

When Spain faced the decision of whether to support the US in the Iraq war in 2003 there were massive demonstrations against the move. The ... » more

3. - Spain | 15/04/2014

Spain's politicians happy to wait for autumn

In Spain, the election campaign for the European elections is being used as a welcome excuse to postpone important decisions such as that on the ... » more

4. - Spain | 11/03/2014

Lies about Madrid train attacks not forgotten

Spain commemorates today the victims of the Madrid train bombings of 11 March 2004 (11-M), in which 191 people died exactly ten years ago. Although ... » more

5. - Spain | 14/02/2014

Refugee drama: Spanish police lied

Spain's border police fired rubber bullets at around 400 refugees trying to reach the Spanish exclave of Ceuta last week, Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz ... » more

6. - Spain | 07/06/2013

So many mistakes can't be mere coincidence

What's new is not the fact that the IMF makes mistakes, but that it actually admits doing so, author Isaac Rosa comments ironically on the ... » more

7.  Público - Spain | 25/03/2011

Spain annoys Basque party

The Supreme Court of Spain has refused to register the new Basque left-wing party Sortu as a legal party ahead of the regional and local ... » more

8.  Público - Spain | 19/01/2011

Setting an example of how to blackmail workers

Japanese carmaker Nissan has cut salaries for the production of a new model at its plant in Barcelona. This is a form of blackmail that ... » more

9.  Público - Spain | 04/01/2011

Ridiculous bishop no laughing matter

In a Boxing Day speech marking marking the religious festival of Christmas last Sunday the bishop of the Spanish city of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández González, ... » more

10.  Público - Spain | 26/06/2009

Isaac Rosa on how the rich are once more being called the rich

Writing for the left-leaning daily Público, Isaac Rosa takes a look at how Spanish language usage has changed in the course of the economic crisis: ... » more


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