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Rokos, Milan

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 29/01/2015

Tsipras makes Putin big winner of elections

Vladimir Putin should be jubilant over new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's opposition to tougher sanctions for Russia, the conservative daily Lidové noviny observes and speculates on the reasons for Athens' stance: "Greece could be trying to secure a better starting position for itself in the negotiations over debt relief. Sources in Brussels say that Athens might agree to the sanctions if Germany backs down on the debt issue. Debts and sanctions may not be directly connected but they can influence each other. The pro-Russian stance of the Greek government is not so surprising on the basis of earlier statements by Tsipras. That's why the magazine Foreign Policy described Putin as the 'big winner in Greece's elections'. Only a few hours after being sworn in as prime minister Tsipras spoke to the Russian ambassador to Athens, who presented him with a congratulatory telegram from Putin."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 12/03/2007

The end of the Chirac era

Milan Rokos describes French President Jacques Chirac as a person who defended, but also blocked Europe and "one of the last dinosaurs in European politics." Rokos delivers an ambivalent verdict of Chirac's policies regarding the Czech Republic: "He supported the expansion of the EU to encompass the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. But when the newcomers sided with the Americans on the Iraq issue he arrogantly let them know that they had 'wasted a good opportunity for remaining silent.' Nor did he ever much like the liberalism advocated by most of the countries of 'new Europe'... Nonetheless, his successor will have to work hard to maintain such a high profile on the world stage as he did."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 08/12/2006

The waning importance of war photographers

Award-winning French photographer Patrick Chauvel, who works primarily in crisis zones, laments in an interview with Milan Rokos about the changing relationship between newspaper editors and representatives of his genre. "Newspapers today are less ambitious and no longer need great photographs. It's become much easier for them to get photos nowadays. Editorial departments receive huge numbers of images from photographers on the scene. So editors wonder whether it is financially responsible to send their own photographer to Palestine when they receive photos in other ways." Chauvel adds that increasingly, photos are manipulated. "There was the case of the Lebanese photographer who added columns of smoke to images of bombed Beirut. That was a man who was worried about his country and acted on his emotion. But only our trustworthiness will save our profession... If we start playing games like that, our profession is dead."

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