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Rodotà, Stefano

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1.  La Repubblica - Italy | 08/10/2013

Italy's asylum law should be abolished

Italy's restrictive asylum legislation dates back to 2002 and was named after the then leader of the right-wing Lega Nord, Umberto Bossi, and the leader ... » more

2.  La Repubblica - Italy | 06/01/2010

Body scanners just a gimmick

The debate over intensified security measures following the failed terrorist attack on a US aircraft in Detroit exposes once again the conflict between security and ... » more

3.  La Repubblica - Italy | 20/11/2009

Stefano Rodotà on the Berlusconi laws and the death of democracy

According to many legal experts the new law in Italy on shortening the length of court cases is primarily meant to protect Silvio Berlusconi from ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 01/09/2009

Stefano Rodotà on political power's influence on the media

Stefano Rodotà warns in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica that press freedom should not be curbed by political power: "The war which totalitarian countries have ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 26/05/2009

Stefano Rodotà on lies in the Berlusconi scandal and the right to truth

Commenting on the stubborn silence of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi regarding the precise nature of his relationship with 18-year-old Noemi Letizia legal expert Stefano ... » more

6.  La Repubblica - Italy | 05/01/2009

The Vatican, Italian law and the autonomy of the state

The Vatican announced at the end of December that it will not automatically accept Italian jurisprudence in future. The decision was based on contradictions among ... » more

7.  La Repubblica - Italy | 04/07/2007

Human rights should be at the heart of the European project

According to Stefano Rodotà, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, declared in 2000, demonstrates that "economic logic alone is not sufficient to give legitimacy to ... » more

8.  La Repubblica - Italy | 24/10/2006

Debate in Italy around the right to die with dignity

"In the coming weeks we will be able to measure the capacity of politicians to adequately broach questions that relentlessly arise concerning scientific and technological ... » more

9.  La Repubblica - Italy | 12/10/2006

Drugs in the italian parliament?

Italian deputies have been caught out by a popular satirical television programme called 'The Hyenas' . It revealed that a third of the elected members, ... » more


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