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Rachman, Gideon

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1.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 02/06/2014

European elections: Council must block Juncker

Unlike the European Parliament, the leaders of the EU member states have a democratic mandate and should therefore nominate their own counter candidate to Jean-Claude ... » more

2.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 13/01/2014

Let governments give priority to own citizens

In the debate over the free movement of workers across the EU, countries like the UK and Germany fear it will put too much strain ... » more

3.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 19/08/2013

Egypt needs stability not democracy

Quick new elections would only worsen the situation in Egypt in the present circumstances, the conservative daily Financial Times warns: "The trouble is that calling ... » more

4.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 31/07/2012

Romney's foreign policy harks back to Bush

The stops on US presidential candidate Mitt Romney's trip to the UK, Poland and Israel were carefully selected, the liberal daily the Financial Times explains: ... » more

5.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 22/10/2010

Changes moderate and inevitable

The pension reform in France is moderate and its opponents are just being stubborn, writes the columnist for the Financial Times, Gideon Rachman, in a ... » more

6.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 24/06/2008

Concerted action against Mugabe

Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs columnist at the Financial Times, calls on the international community to intervene in the crisis in Zimbabwe: "It is urgent ... » more

7.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 29/08/2006

EU to launche back into constitutional debate

Columnist Gideon Rachman forecasts the future of the EU. "It is already clear that when the Germans take over the European presidency in January they ... » more


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