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Quinio, Dominique

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1.  La Croix - France | 02/12/2014

Recognising Palestine won't help peace

The French National Assembly on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution in favour of recognising Palestine as a state. Such a move could worsen the tensions ... » more

2.  La Croix - France | 27/11/2014

France puts abortion above sex education

The French National Assembly on Wednesday confirmed the right to abortion that was introduced 40 years ago. The Catholic daily La Croix believes a lack ... » more

3.  La Croix - France | 10/10/2014

French culture not on its last legs after all

The Nobel Prize in Literature for French author Patrick Modiano will do much to boost the stricken ego of the French, the Catholic daily La ... » more

4.  La Croix - France | 01/10/2014

Mountain of debt leaves France with no choice

France's national debt rose above the 2023 billion euro mark in the second quarter of this year, according to figures put out on Tuesday by ... » more

5.  La Croix - France | 23/09/2014

Air France strike unreasonable and detrimental

In the last few days 60 percent of Air France's flights have been cancelled due to a pilots' strike that started on September 15 in ... » more

6.  La Croix - France | 24/09/2013

Fear a poor motive for Roma policy

The French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls spoke out on Tuesday for repatriating Roma from France to their countries of origin, Romania and Bulgaria, ... » more

7.  La Croix - France | 03/04/2013

Misconduct of elites intolerable

President Hollande wants to restore the French people's trust in their politicians through "pitiless reforms". But this is a forlorn hope if the politicians don't ... » more

8.  La Croix - France | 25/03/2013

Left ignores rejection of same-sex marriage

After the renewed demonstrations against same-sex marriage on Sunday in Paris, the Catholic daily La Croix is outraged at the government's silence regarding the mass ... » more

9.  La Croix - France | 20/01/2013

Europe must fight terror

In the last few days several countries have criticised the Algerian leadership for its lacking willingness to negotiate in the hostage crisis of In Aménas.The ... » more

10.  La Croix - France | 11/06/2010

A joyful celebration

The Football World Cup may not be able to solve South Africa's problems but it is nevertheless a time for celebration, writes the Catholic daily ... » more


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