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Py, Olivier

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Le Monde - France | 11/05/2006

Peter Handke castigated in a collective opinion

French stage director Olivier Py, in an article co-signed by 150 figures from the cultural world, supports the decision of the Comedie Francaise to cancel a play by Austrian playwright Peter Handke on the grounds that he defended the cause of the late Milosevic. "Freedom of expression does not oblige any theater director to give the floor to criminal ideologies that are contrary to democracy and human rights. ... Can one condemn the poet in the name of the opinions held by the man? Isn't literature brimming with great authors who committed, voluntarily or not, political mistakes? Let us recall Heidegger's membership in the Nazi party, Celine's antisemitic pamphlets, etc. There is a time for honouring the work of the man. But in the case before us, this time has not yet come. Because the war crimes are yet to be punished, because Serbia is yet to hand over Mladic and Kradzic, because this chapter in history is not yet closed."

Le Temps - Switzerland | 05/05/2006

Peter Handke stirs controversy

The daily devotes a special section to the Handke affair, offering a platform to those who decry an act of censorship and those who defend the decision by the Comedie-Francaise. Among the latter is French stage director Olivier Py, the co-author in 1995 of the play 'Requiem for Srebrenica'. In an interview with Alexandre Demidoff, he asserts that Peter Handke made revisionist remarks during Slobodan Milosevic's funeral. "As director of the Comedie-Francaise, Marcel Bozonnet has an historic responsibility. He has a right not to work with a writer. I myself would refuse to work with a playwright who supported Al Qaeda. If the French government were to ban Handke's works, I would be the first to oppose such a decision. In the present case, there is no censorship. Just a responsible choice."

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