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Pusenjak, Dejan

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Večer - Slovenia | 19/09/2012

A US apology would soothe Muslims' anger

The protests in the Islamic world against the US-made Mohammed film still show no sign of abating. On Tuesday at least ten Afghanis and foreigners were killed by a suicide bombing in Kabul. The conservative daily Večer calls on the US to apologise to Muslims: "First and foremost the film is a disgraceful abuse of that fundamental right [of freedom of expression], and further proof for the thesis that has already been confirmend a thousand times over, namely that absolute freedom leads to nothing but the tyranny of crooks and boneheads. ... But can such attention-craving profiteers be stopped? Of course they can. ... Perhaps it would be enough for someone in the West to initiate court proceedings against the filmmakers. ... But even less than that would suffice. Iranian representatives have called for an apology from US President Obama, whose agenda includes improving relations with the Muslim world. But because the call came from Iran, probably nothing will come of it - although a single sentence could stop the hatred and killings and contribute significantly to the recognition of those who hold different views."

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