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Purves, Libby

Times columnist, radio and television presenter.

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1.  The Times - United Kingdom | 15/07/2012

Security fiasco ahead of London Olympics

Two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in London the security firm G4S, which is in charge of security at the event, has ... » more

2.  The Times - United Kingdom | 17/05/2010

Quality is what counts for women in the British cabinet

Complaints are increasingly being heard in Britain that only four ministerial portfolios are held by women in the new government. But numbers are irrelevant in ... » more

3.  The Times - United Kingdom | 12/04/2010

The Pope should be arrested

The British biologist and avowed atheist Richard Dawkins and the atheist author Christopher Hitchens want to have Pope Benedict XVI arrested and charged with crimes ... » more

4.  The Times - United Kingdom | 13/07/2009

Obama believes in Africa

The conservative daily The Times praises Barack Obama's performance in black Africa. "Obama cut across a lot of nonsense in averring that Africans are no ... » more

5.  The Times - United Kingdom | 08/04/2008

The Olympic flame wavers in Europe

"Who says Sunday's Olympic torch relay in London was a shambles ? Who says the police were 'humiliated' ? A triumph, I call it. What ... » more

6.  The Times - United Kingdom | 10/07/2007

Debt management in the classroom

Libby Purves lauds the announcement that 'economic wellbeing and financial capability' will be introduced into British mathematics curricula. "New Labour has spent ten years presiding ... » more

7.  The Times - United Kingdom | 16/01/2007

What if France formed a union with the UK in 1956?

"Much was made yesterday of Radio 4's enchanting scoop: a document showing that in 1956 the French Prime Minister, Guy Mollet, asked Anthony Eden for ... » more


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