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Pullman, Philip

British author of fiction

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New Statesman - United Kingdom | 18/12/2006

William Blake's 250th anniversary

The new year will bring the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Blake (1757-1827). Philip Pullman, fiction writer, explains the importance of this writer and artist. "Blake's world is large and complex enough to provide endless matter for the delusions of the floridly paranoid as well as for academic study. He had the precious gift of expressing that complexity of thought in lines of unequalled force and limpid clarity. It works as poetry always does, on the ear and in the mouth, before it lets itself be disentangled by the mind. ... He worked as all writers and artists do, feeling his way through the medium (the words, the forms, the colours) to the truth. ... I have not even mentioned Blake's illuminations. Some of his great designs would be enough by themselves to ensure that he was remembered among the most powerful and original artists England has ever produced."

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