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Pullerits, Priit

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Postimees - Estonia | 30/10/2008

Naivety regarding Russia

According to the daily Postimees the reason why Obama is so popular in Europe is because he invites his partners to participate in dialogue. It is only with Russia that he comes up against limitations: "In contrast to his [Republican rival John] McCain Obama believes that one can overcome differences through negotiations. But as history has shown, this is not possible with Russia. In this respect his policy of reconciliation is naïve and even destructive from the point of view of Estonia. ... We should not believe that Obama understands our history and our concerns for he did not visit our country during his tour of Europe. McCain on the other hand counts the leaders of smaller nations like Georgia among his friends; and McCain supported the country when it was exposed to Russian aggression while Obama went on holiday to Hawaii with his family."

Postimees - Estonia | 18/07/2007

Row over gay parade in Tallinn

The administration of the Estonian capital Tallinn has banned this year's Christopher Street Day march through the old part of the city. A few MEPs have now promised to give the organisers of the event their support. Priit Pullerits thinks they're overreacting: "The purpose of the parade is to display eccentric behaviour so it's understandable that gay activists don't want to gather in a forest or at a lake, where they can come together without annoying others. This is about the vociferous proclamation of sexual content in public. But one's sexual preferences are a personal issue that doesn't need to be rubbed in your fellow citizens' faces. The organisers claim the parade is necessary to remind people of the existence of their homosexual fellow human beings, however I don't believe there's a single person in Estonia who doubts the existence of homosexual tendencies."

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