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Puigverd, Antoni

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 23/03/2012

Spanish too prone to corruption

Several corruption scandals involving both major political parties have come to light in Spain in recent months. Corruption is deeply rooted in Spanish society, the liberal daily La Vanguardia concludes: "The wave of corruption that is spreading through Spain like an epidemic is not just the product of a few isolated individuals lacking in morals. It is not just the consequence of a party that has gone astray because all of them are implicated. ... The corruption can't be blamed on the parties alone, since neither the judiciary nor the monarchy have remained unsullied. So could it be the product of our society? We scoff at the honest, calling them puritans, the meritocracy is fighting a losing battle and the framework for our social activity is always the gang, the group, the family, in other words 'my people'. Journalism, too, talks in these terms: either you're with me or against me. 'I'll back you but you must also back me, regardless of whether I do wrong or right."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 22/12/2008

Antoni Puigverd on Christmas in the crisis

"Christmas is a mirror reflecting the wishes and values of every era," writes Antoni Puigverd in the daily La Vanguardia. "In archaic times, for example, it served as a reminder of the return of the light. Celebrating the light of day is no longer important for our society: we can't even imagine what it would be like to live without electric light. But in that far-off time Christimas served to celebrate the end of the advance of darkness with the outbreak of winter." Puigverd closes with a heartening take on "the first Christmas in the crisis": "As with all things human, opposites attract. And that is just what is happening now, in this Christmas of crisis and doubt. Consumption - so they say - is an act of solidarity with producers and salespeople - a way of arresting the economic downturn. The star of the market is rusty, and the true spirit of Christmas is returning to give it back its old and veritable shine."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 25/06/2007

The political role of the working class

Spanish journalist Antionio Puigverd postulates on potential future projects for the European left. "The European democracies today are the result of full working class stomachs and the security offered by the social state. ... Only thirty years ago the marxist left viewed the role of the working class as primary. 'Your hands, your capital'. The poor were the actors of history, they had a big role to play in the social theatre. But what role does the left have now with the passive (even abstaining) masses?... The current problem could become an opportunity: immigration and the social policies that must be found to cope with it. We must also define a new historical role for the working classes, fragmented and precarious as they are. It certainly isn't simple to politically articulate such an objective. But that is where the politics begin."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 23/04/2007

For Antoni Puigverd, books no longer have the same value

Every April 23rd, Catalonia celebrates Sant Jordi (Saint Georges): women receive flowers while men are given books. The Spanish journalist Antoni Puigverd seizes this opportunity to denounce the commercial diktat ruling over literature. "The submission of the original value (the book as cultural message) to the single dominant value (market worship) is a contemporary characteristic. ... It can be said that the arguments for profit-making have always been determining, but never as blatantly as today. ... In recent times, market pressure has been so strong that it has completely swept away the notion of a cultural counterweight. Market laws impose a competitive dynamic on books that is stronger than for any other industrial product. On a commercial level, books are a fragile product, because you don't need to read to stay alive. As a consequence, publishers who previously lived for their passion now have to bow before economic pressure or else disappear."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 31/03/2006

Spain's parliament grants Catalonia autonomy

The journalist Antoni Puigverd comments on the decision by the Spanish parliament on Thursday, March 30 to grant broader autonomy to Catalonia. He believes the proposal, which must be submitted to a referendum in June in Catalonia, represents "a meeting point" between the different positions. "Nobody, honestly, can say that Spain is breaking up, even if some people logically fear that the current course may result in the country's eventual fracture. Nobody can say that Spain is not responding to Catalan aspirations, even if the current course entails an end to the dream of sovereignty. When a suitable solution to a complex problem is found, one can only applaud. It might not please everyone, but credit is due to the politicians who, rather than razing the house, find a way to restore it."

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