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Pucelj, Gregor

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Delo - Slovenia | 06/06/2008

Bad for one's reputation

The daily expresses concern about the damage to Slovenia's reputation following the incident at the Krško nuclear power plant: "Although the false report, or rather misunderstanding, was corrected within a matter of minutes, the whole affair threw a bad light on Slovenia's credibility, particularly as far as our northern neighbours are concerned, whose opinion of us was not good to start with. ... The mistake and the carelessness ... became catchwords for the political and media coverage, which carried the implications: what is really going on at the nuclear power plant? What are the Slovenians hiding? And then there's the fact that it is very unusual, to say the least, that such an important matter as the official reporting of an incident at a nuclear plant depends on a word being crossed out on a form to draw the distinction between a genuine accident and a test-run."

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