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Psiharis, Stavros

To Vima , Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 21/01/2008

Greece is shaken-up by a 'DVD Gate'

Christos Zachopoulos resigned from Greece's Ministry of Culture at the end of December 2007. Blackmailed by one of his former mistresses who threatened to reveal images of their liaison, he even tried to commit suicide. The departure of this close acquaintance of Prime Minister Costas Caramanlis triggered a political scandal which, fuelled by revelations in the press, is getting bigger and bigger. "This 'DVD gate' is going too far", considers Stavros Psiharis. "The events of the past few weeks do not deserve so much attention. It is nonetheless worth noting that those who based their policies on wars waged between newspapers end up the first targets of the system. This affair must be ended before the wound deteriorates even more. And the government and opposition need to take an interest in the country's major political and economic problems, without this coming across as a 'cover-up of the Zachapolous scandal'."

To Vima Online - Greece | 23/08/2006

Greek government criticised for response to fires

Huge forest fires raged on the Haldiki peninsula of north-eastern Greece on Monday, August 21, resulting in the death of a German tourist. Stavros Psiharis argues that the authorities failed to rise to the challenge. "The government was unable to do anything other than offer apologies for its immobility ! ... Beyond the danger that these fires pose to Greek and foreign tourists, the country has seen a genuine ecological disaster in this protected region. The minister for the Thracia and Macedonia region [Georges Kalantzis] saw fit to apologise for the delay in the rescue effort and the absence once again of any immediate response from the government. But this is not a forgivable error. We are talking about lives in danger ! How can apologies console these people who have lost everything ?"

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