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Prodi, Romano

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Le Monde - France | 14/09/2006

Is the European Union left-wing?

Salvatore Aloïse, Jean-Jacques Bozonnet and Arnaud Leparmentier asked Romano Prodi, head of the Italian government and former president of the European commission, what being left-wing signifies in Europe. "To be left-wing is to re-establish justice in the distribution of effort without moving backwards on a social level, it means rendering the development of a country compatible with the maintaining of social gains. ... In this aspect, the European Union is left-wing. It is the only structure in the world in which the least developed areas have grown more than developed areas, thanks to structural funding and serious regional policy. A country lacking in infrastructure such as Spain has been transformed into an ultramodern country thanks to European funding. ... Without Europe, Italy would still be a rural country cut off from the world."

La Repubblica - Italy | 04/05/2006

Romano Prodi and the EU's history of success

The British analyst Mark Leonard attempts to reinstill some optimism in Europe in his essay 'Europa 21'. The daily republishes the work's preface, written by Romano Prodi. "After a formidable period of success - the introduction of the euro, opening up to the countries of Eastern Europe - the EU seems to be losing its way. It has been barely a year since the governments signed the treaty establishing the European constitution which has been effectively prevented from coming into force by the negative results in France and the Netherlands. ... The abrupt change in the political mood within the EU is nothing new. Periods of dynamism and great enthusiasm are followed by moments of slowdown and contagious skepticism ... It is urgent that we reestablish the confidence of all citizens in the European project. And one of the ways of doing this is to remind people that the history of the Community is a history of success."

The Times - United Kingdom | 18/04/2006

How to extricate Europe from crisis ?

Romano Prodi, winner of Italy's legislative elections, tells interviewer John Follain that he favours a tighter alliance of those core EU members "most determined to push for a common European policy. ... We need a strong relationship not just with France and Germany but also with the so-called group of six, countries like Belgium and Luxembourg - but not the Netherlands." Prodi, who held out the prospect of a resuscitated European constitution, suggested Britain was likely to remain on the sidelines of this fast-track approach. "I believe it is difficult to include it among countries which are pushing for more integration. Britain has decided not to hold a referendum on Europe so it has not approved the European position. Evidently it believes in a policy which is more independent of the EU."

Le Monde - France | 13/04/2006

Future Italian diplomacy

Romano Prodi, who emerged victorious in Italy's legislative elections, details his future foreign policy."After a government short on political substance and long on media activity, Italy must forge ahead again ... Its foreign role and contribution must be resumed with steadfastness and realism if it wants to do its share and avoid being cut off from the active participants in world affairs... My foreign policy program is based on three tenets: a strong and united Europe, a firm alliance with the United States, and an openness to world problems - above all to the crises that threaten us all - in a concerted multilateral approach." And one of the first decisions that he intends to take is the withdrawal of Italian troops deployed in Iraq."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 31/03/2006

Romano Prodi on Italy's EU policy

Silvio Berlusconi's government has failed particularly regarding foreign policy, says Berlusconi's challenger Romano Prodi in an interview with Josef Kaspar. "The current government's policies have led our country into isolation. We have lost many important positions on European committees, and cooperation with the traditional motors of the European Union has weakened. Moreover, the government in Rome did nothing when the European constitution project stalled." Mr Prodi speaks out in favour of revising the constitution. "This will be realistic only once the presidential elections in France are over, because without France the project would lack the necessary force."

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