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Prelipceanu, Nicolae

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1.  România Liberâ - Romania | 28/06/2011

New generation destroys Bucharest

The construction of a motorway across Bucharest was stopped by court order in the middle of June, but the city continues to allow buildings along ... » more

2.  România Liberâ - Romania | 31/05/2011

Court defies Securitate propaganda

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled last week that Romania must pay 15,000 euros in compensation to the family of a young man ... » more

3.  România Liberâ - Romania | 22/03/2011

Nicolae Prelipceanu on the Arab double bind

The West is currently celebrating the rebellions in the Arab World as heralding a period of democratic transition. But publicist Nicolae Prelipceanu sees Western civilisation ... » more

4.  România Liberâ - Romania | 18/01/2011

No more patriotism when it comes to chest pains

In recent months several prominent personalities in Romania have been treated in hospitals in Vienna, including President Traian Băsescu. Writing for the daily România Liberă ... » more

5.  România Liberâ - Romania | 06/07/2010

Moscow should let Moldova be

The Republic of Moldova has proclaimed June 28 a day to commemorate the Soviet occupation of the country after the caretaker president Mihai Ghimpu issued ... » more

6.  România Liberâ - Romania | 27/04/2010

Roma live in woeful freedom

On a television programme the French comedian Jonathan Lambert has made a gag of sticking out his hand in greeting. The daily România Liberă is ... » more

7.  România Liberâ - Romania | 16/02/2010

No alternative to missile defence shield

Romania is to be incorporated into the US American missile defence system by 2015, when it will station SM-3 missiles on its soil. The daily ... » more

8.  România Liberâ - Romania | 12/01/2010

Another hunger strike for the truth

Teodor Mărieş, the leader of the revolutionary association "21 December", went on hunger strike for a total of 74 days in his campaign for access ... » more

9.  România Liberâ - Romania | 10/07/2007

Bucharest is running out of green spaces

In Bucharest, around a million trees have been chopped down to make way for building sites since the fall of communism. Now, for the first ... » more


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