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Posselt, Bernd

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Domino efekt - Slovakia | 18/07/2007

Sudeten Germans praise Slovakians and criticise the Czechs

In an interview with Tibor Macák, Bernd Posselt, chairman of the Sudeten-German Homeland Association, praises the way the Slovakians have dealt with post-war expulsions. "The Slovak President recently received the representatives of the Carpathian Germans, as his predecessors have done in the past. It would never occur to Czech President Václav Klaus to receive representatives of the Sudeten Germans... The Czech parliament should do what the Slovak parliament did 15 years ago: issue a declaration clearly stating that the expulsions in the aftermath of the Second World War were a crime. There was consensus about this in Slovakia back then. In the Czech Republic Václav Havel has been the only one who has had the courage to admit this. But neither the state nor any other institution nor the Czech people have followed his example."

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