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Portante, Jean

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1.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 02/09/2010

France tarnishes human rights

France's policy regarding the Roma is intolerant and harks back to the past, writes the weekly Le Jeudi: "In the space of a few months ... » more

2.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 06/03/2008

Purchasing power sways French municipal elctions

On Sunday, March 9th, the French will be voting in a first round of elections. The left is set to be the winner. Jean Portante ... » more

3.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 07/02/2008

Tony Blair at the head of the EU, the British idea of a joke ?

Jean Portante derides Tony Blair's "European dream" as the former UK prime minister is widely said to be a candidate for the position of EU ... » more

4.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 01/02/2008

A growing lack of faith in politics

Jean Portante considers that Germany, France and Italy are currently going through similar political situations. "In all three cases, one senses how exasperation is making ... » more

5.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 31/05/2007

The defenders of a European Constitution are giving up

David Portante ponders the way the idea of a 'simplified treaty' is gaining ground in the EU. "Not so long ago, last January, the Grand ... » more

6.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 29/03/2007

The French call into question their 'national identity"

Jean Portante points out that "national identity is a vague concept, defying definition, in which we can breathe the best and the worst. There is ... » more

7.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 08/03/2007

Jean Portante supports Turkey's EU accession

The Luxemburg writer Jean Portante, a regular chronicler in the weekly, finds it unacceptable that Turkey should have to pay for the current EU crisis. ... » more

8.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 20/10/2006

Jean Portante on memorial laws

The writer from Luxembourg, Jean Portante, considers the adoption in France of a law condemning the denial of the Armenian genocide. "The situation bares a ... » more

9.  Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 14/09/2006

Jean Portante on the American anti-terrorist struggle

Jean Portante, writer and journalist from Luxembourg, considers the anti-terrorist struggle lead by the United States over five years. "September 11th allowed White House strategists ... » more


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