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Popowski, Slawomir

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Polityka Online - Poland | 10/05/2007

Russia's demonstration of national power

Slawomir Popowski accuses Russian President Putin of instrumenalising history in a war of ideologies. "All nations have the right to organise their own hierarchy of historical events that are important for them, that influence their identity and bind them as a society… For Russians, this is undoubtedly the 9th of May, the day of the end of the war. It is no accident that it is called the 'Great Fatherland War.' A war that was won, but paid for with the lives of millions of Soviet soldiers. One has to respect that, one must honour the dead, even if we differ in our evaluation of the political results of this war. But if politicians of whatever stripe start to play with history, using it as a tool to accomplish political or ideological projects, then a problem arises. And we are becoming witnesses to just such a development. The current battle over remembrance, symbols and memorials is basically a war of ideology. It has to do with a concrete image of the state, Europe and the world. And it is in this light that we must view the pomp of this victory parade on Red Square, and Vladimir Putin's appearance there."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 31/05/2006

Belarus builds up its arms stockpile

First Poland bought several modern American F16 fighter airplanes, and now Russia is delivering over 20 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Belarus. The missiles in question are to be positioned just behind the border with Poland. Slawomir Popowski says he can hear "the sound of the Cold War getting louder again beyond our eastern border. In this game, which could redefine our continent's geopolitical map, Belarus is just a pawn... Russia's decision to supply missiles to Belarus fits in wonderfully with Moscow's international strategy. On the one hand, it feels so strong that it thinks it can dictate the conditions for secure energy supplies to the world, on the other, it reacts nervously to any kind of threat – even imaginary ones.

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 27/03/2006

The elections in Ukraine

"Ukraine's parliamentary elections come just one week after the presidential elections in Belarus, but it's as if we were dealing with two completely different worlds," Slawomir Popowski comments. "In Belarus, where dictator Alexander Lukashenko dreams of an anachronistic Soviet paradise, the elections ended with the jailing of opposition supporters who protested against the rigged elections... One can only hope that Ukraine – despite its change in strategy – will remain true to the European elections held earlier, because this is the only path that guarantees the country full sovereignty and a strong position in its dialogue with partners – particularly Russia. Another reason why these elections are so important is that this is the first time that they are truly free and democratic, which means that today Ukraine is much closer to Europe than it was a year or two ago, and that's a great achievement for the people of Ukraine."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 23/02/2006

Russian-Polish relations

In a personal letter addressed to his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski, Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested improving bilateral relations. Commentator Slawomir Popowski investigates the reasons for the recent thaw in Russia's attitude towards Poland. He points out that the right-wing conservatives' election victory was "an excellent opportunity" for Russia to "discontinue a policy which had proven relatively unproductive in the long-term without losing face... Poland was even beginning to win over those who had always supported Moscow with its arguments." Popowski calls for Poland to change its policies towards Russia: "They should definitely be far more rational and – as far as possible – untainted by myths, emotions and complexes. Moreover, they should be decidedly more down-to-earth, pragmatic and perhaps even calculating."

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