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Popov, Julian

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1.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 23/06/2013

Bulgarians hold state accountable

The mass protests that have been taking place in Sofia for the past ten days represent an attempt on the part of Bulgarians to free ... » more

2.  Trud - Bulgaria | 16/01/2013

Bulgarian students resist discrimination

Bulgarian students plan to sue the UK on the grounds that for years British authorities have been putting up bureaucratic hurdles to prolong the process ... » more

3.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 28/07/2009

It's high time

Commenting on the new government in Bulgaria the daily Dnevnik writes: "The country has many tasks that need to be dealt with, like an old ... » more

4.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 26/01/2009

Nuclear power boosts national pride

The Bulgarian parliament has approved restarting two additional reactors in Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. Dnevnik newspaper comments: "Bulgarians are revitalised just hearing the words energy ... » more

5.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 08/12/2008

Julian Popov on the comeback of ideologies in times of crisis

In times of crisis ideologies come to the fore, writes Julian Popov in the daily Dnevnik: "In the streets of Sofia there are rumours of ... » more

6.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 13/10/2008

A new Warsaw Pact

Several ex-communist states recently agreed on a pact against the EU's climate and energy policy. The daily newspaper Dnevnik compares this with the Warsaw Pact: ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 29/09/2008

Who will pay the bill?

Those who visit Bulgaria are amazed to see streets full of modern cars and restaurants packed with contented people, the daily Dnevnik writes. But this ... » more

8.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 29/10/2007

Bulgaria's blogosphere

Until recently, Bulgarian politicians were unaware of the possibilities of the blogosphere. However Julian Popov observes that in the run-up to the country's local elections ... » more

9.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 04/09/2007

The tourism crisis and the Bulgarian mentality

Tourism on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is undergoing a crisis, with many hotels remaining closed this year. Julian Popow attributes this to the Bulgarians' lack ... » more

10.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 17/04/2007

Bulgaria as the Switzerland of the Balkans?

Bulgarian writer Julian Popov, author of the book 'English Bulgaria or the Switzerland of the Balkans', raises the question of whether Bulgaria can become the ... » more


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