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Popescu, Valentín

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 05/04/2007

Romania needs a clearer constitutional framework

The Spanish journalist Valentín Posecu comments on the political crisis in Romania which this week led to a major ministerial reshuffle. "The situation would not have degenerated so far if [President Traian] Basescu did not have such a hot-headed temperament which led him to oppose practically all the leading politicians in the country. Things are complicated by the stubbornness of the president who is convinced he will get support from Brussels. The text of the Romanian Constitution contributes much to the political confusion. Written after the fall of Communism, it was formulated in vague terms under pressure from the first democratic government, mostly ex-communists. It is so vague that it is difficult to define the functions of the President and those of the government".

La Vanguardia - Spain | 03/11/2006

The endemic problems of Romania

Romania's entrance into the EU has sparked off the acute concern of the Spanish journalist Valentin Popescu. "The most apparent and probably most serious problem is linked to a difference of mentalities. Between the 'dead' years of the terrible Communist dictatorship and the endemic weaknesses of the State-owned economy, a large part of the community does not have the competitive mentality that is indispensable in a market economy and is not aware of the fact that there is no future without professional honesty and responsibility. This civic lifelessness has led to the prospering of nepotism and the abuse of power in the political world. These afflictions were common to the former communist countries of the communitarian area. If the situation is graver in Romania than elsewhere, it is because human and institutional preparation for EU accession has been reprehensibly neglected."

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